...since 1961
Our philosophy
Creating products of high quality and design,
always anticipating the constantly changing needs of our customers.
Our values
Honesty, accuracy, reliability and constant workforce development
have always been the cornerstone of our operation.
Our achievement
Τhe reputation and 55 years old presence in the white linen industry
is the result of the confidence and preference shown, by all those
who have tried our products constituting the confirmation
as well as the reward of our effort.
Our secret
The perfect understanding of customers’ needs and the technical
information our people can provide, eliminates potential errors
and guarantees complete satisfaction.
Our flexibility
We have the flexibility of production under special
customer specifications, without compromising
best value for money.
Our raw materials
We select long staple cotton and latest technology dyes,
for products of the highest resistance.
Our technical expertise
The constant renewal of our machinery and electronic
equipment ensures that all technical challenges can be
easily overcome and guarantees the production
of any specialized product.
who we are