1961- Establishment of the family – owned company, focusing on the production and trade of white linen.
1966- Gained the award at the International Fair of Thessaloniki (HELEXPO).
1974- Conversion into a limited company EBYEP SA and bears the horse mark.
1976- Transfer of privately owned ultramodern facilities in Acharnes.
1978- Start of exportation in the European countries. Opening of the first commercial store.
1985- Cooperation with the French House YVES DELORME in the production and the disposal of brand names such as
1987- Entrance of the 2nd generation in company and the launch of the new line of NEF- NEF begins.
1991- All products bear the NEF - NEF trademark and the general partnership company is founded.
1992- Modernization of high tech textile air jet machines.
1996- Foundation of the thread elaboration company called FINEF ABEE.
1997- Foundation of the Hotel equipment department and its first participation in the fair XENIA.
2002- The NEF - NEF company becomes a limited one and produces part of its products abroad while equipping
  at the same time its weaving facilities with state of the art machines.
2004- In cooperation with ADIDAS the company makes and creates the collection of towels and bathrobes for the Olympic Games 2004 "Athens 2004"
2006- Transferring part of the mechanical equipment to Egypt. Amplification of the products with the manufacture
 nbsp;of brand names such as Snoopy, Forever Friends, Smiley.
2007- Expansion of retail up to 32 outlets (shop in shop) in Greece and 11 in Cyprus.
2008- Exclusive distribution of brand names of linen in Greece of BENETTON, CACHAREL, PIP, COTTONFIELD, KYLIE MINOGUE.
2011- Participation in the Fair HORECA.
2012- Exportation to European hotels. Cooperation with the Greek WWF department.
2013- Opening of the first corporate store in Halandri, Athens.
2014- Constuction of the web corporate store (e-shop).
2015- Opening of the second corporate store in Nea Smirni, Athens.
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