55 years of experience in the production, research
and development of linen focusing on the quality
and the respect of the consumer, the society
and the environment.
NEF-NEF is purely Greek company
who has been active in the field of linen since 1961
and it is located in Athens, Greece. Its staff counts
up to 70 people working full-time.
With great responsibility we inform you that
all our products are certified by OECO TEX which indicates
that the product in your hands is environmentally
friendly and free of chemical or any other harmful
substances which affect negatively the human organism,
especially the infants’ and children’s. One more certification
of the guaranteed quality of NEF-NEF product.
Our environmental sensitivity and consciousness led us to
alternative methods for the Energy savings. In 2012 NEF-NEF
proceeded with the installation of photovoltaic systems on the roof of
our housing facilities whose power comes to 80KWp.
The avoiding pollutants (CO2) comes to 80 tones. Considering the fact
that two forest hectares absorb 1.3 tones CO2,
the specific construction equates with 123 forest hectares.
NEF-NEF supports the mission of WWF Greece,
to maintain the rich biodiversity of Greece,
as an integral element of the Mediterranean, also to stop
and eventually tumble the destruction of the environment aiming
at the co-existence between the human and nature.
Proudly to announce you that our company has been rated
by the ICAP Group with a high Rating score as a result,
it has officially joined the “STRONGEST COMPANIES IN GREECE”
This distinction facilitates the company’s transactions inside and outside
of Greece given the fact that it places the company in the
group of those which are not exposed under a high credit risk.
which are classified in the strongest zones of credit rating
scores of ICAP Group. The ICAP Group is acknowledged
by the Bank of Greece as an internal organization of credit rating
by the Central European Bank as a reliable and acceptable
source of credit ratings. There is only one out of ten companies
in Greece that has the privilege of being incorporated
The community is consequently restricted and its members
are indeed the strongest when referring to the credit status in Greece.
The social responsibility is necessary for the corporate value
of NEF -NEF and its main commitment to support those who face
serious problems. The main shaft of its sponsors
deals with the fight against poverty and social exclusion.
NEF-NEF wanting to contribute to the environmental protection
and to be always lawful with the European regulations is actively participating
in the system of Collective alternative management recycling
The Institute of Corporate Responsibility (CR Institute) rated the proficiency
of our company in the field of the CR institute and particularly
in the four main pillars. Employees, Environment, Society and Market
as a result our company received the distinction CRI PASS.