Our company for the 1st year participated in the award ceremony for the prize: “GOLDEN PROTAGONISTS OF THE DECADE 2010-2020” organized by the Direction Business Network. The criteria for the awarding of the prize were the economic performance of the company as noted by economic reports.

Our company for the 5th straight year received the established business distinction “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2022”. The evaluation happened based on specific economic metrics in 2021 and criteria such as profitability, investment program, financial structure and the management of human staff.

With responsibility and respect towards buyers and European laws, we would like to inform you that all our products bring the certification OEKO TEX which declares that the product you hold in your hands is ecological and is people and environmentally friendly, free of harmful substances that negatively affect health, especially babies and children. Yet another certification of quality guarantee of NEF-NEF products.

62 years in production, research and development of linen. Our vision is to create and offer unique and quality collections in linen and home products, with strategic suppliers and collaborators, who excite our customers and consumers, making our brand their first choice. Our values are real and honest interest, respect, integrity, candor, rectitude and lawfulness towards our staff, customers, suppliers – collaborators, our history, our presentation, society and the environment.

We are proud as a purely Greek company that works in the field of linen from 1961 based in Athens. Our staff comes up to 115 fully employed people. We plan for completed lines 2 times a year, in Spring and Autumn, in which we follow the international trends of fashion and adapt them to the needs of the Greek market. We have our collections in all of Greece and in other countries in 220 chosen collaborators, 6 company shops and in 35 shops in shop.