Safe Restart – Safe Restart for NEF-NEF Homeware with the passed inspection of the EODY and TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD GROUP)

Our environmental sensitivity and consciousness drove us to alternative methods of Energy Saving.
-In 2012 we installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of our facilities, total power 80KWp. Our avoidance of pollutants (CO2) comes up to 80 tons. With the understanding that 2 acres of forest absorb 1,3 tons of CO2, this work is equal to +123 acres of forest.
-In 2019 we completed the replacement of conventional light bulbs in all our facilities (offices, factory, warehouse, stores) to modern LED light bulbs.
-We discontinued 80% of our pvc packaging with a plan of all our packaging being ecological by 2021

Social responsibility is a fundamental company value at NEF-NEF, with a particular commitment to support social groups that face serious problems. A central axis of our sponsorships regard combating poverty and social exclusion. We offer products to certified institutions in Greece that offer shelter and food to people who need it and we ensure their continued support.

We try to contribute to the protection of the environment, and we are always compliant with European laws, actively contributing to the system collective alternative recycling management. Our aim is the minimal effect of our activities on the natural environment.