We are at last very close to the opening of the tourist season!

This means that we have already programmed our orders for the linen market and soon deliveries will begin.


However, what are the correct procedures you need to follow to ensure that you receive our linen deliveries correctly and without issues?

For starters, count the cartons that you receive and check if the agreed upon number of cartons is written on the consignment form.

Next, open all the cartons very carefully using a tool that you have selected for this job. Knives, cutters, scissors or screwdrivers if used quickly and violently can lead to cutting, poking holes or tearing threads from the products located at the top part of the carton. Group the cartons by code to ensure when the time comes to count them.

Check the mixed cartons. There is a chance that there might be two or more types of products in the same carton. These are marked outside the carton. Place the products of the mixed cartons with the other products of the same code.

Count the products carefully. The smaller packaging is in nylon bags and usually contain a specific number of pieces. For example, for face towels, the smaller packaging contains 6 pieces. This helps speed up the count of the products.

Our products have passed a very strict quality inspection to ensure that they reach you without being damaged. Despite this, in the case that you discover a damamged product, separate it and contact our company so we can replace it.

Measure a sample of the product you receive and weigh the towels to determine if they have the correct weight. Count the threads of the sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers.

Check that the results of your measurements and the description of all products match with the agreed order that we have confirmed. Keep in consideration that small shrinking in the field of +.-3% are normal.

Wash 2-3 pieces from each type and take their measurements after the wash. Depending on the shrinking can range from 0% up to 10% of the length of some bedsheets with small thread counts i.e. TC-144.

Keep 2 unwashed samples of each type of product. This helps to compare the types before and after use and you also have a report that on the colours and quality of the goods you recieve. If necessary, we do not include heavy products like quilts, pillows and thick blankets.

After this, wash the products you receive. Washing before use if mandatory even on the new products due to the finishing of the production process possibly including chemicals and powder that needs to be removed.

Perform a quick inspection of the now washed goods and proceed with their storage or placement in rooms.

Have a great summer with a busy season and good health!


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