The payment of your order can be made

By bank account deposit

Transfer to one of the accounts below the total cost of your order, writing down the rationale, your business’ name, your AFM and the code of your order:

Alpha Bank: 117-00-2002-018628 ( IBAN: GR6201401170117002002018628 )
Bank of Piraeus: 5024-074940-409 ( IBAN: GR4001720240005024074940409 )
Eurobank: 0026.0043.12.0200252863 ( IBAN: GR9602600430000120200252863 )
National Bank Of Greece: 091-47007083 ( IBAN: GR2101100910000009147007083 )

By Credit

With us informed of the activation of your account, you will be informed by us about the time of credit that has been approved for your company.